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Carnival puts the highest priority on the safety and security of our guests. In order to maintain that environment, we employ a high-profile, onboard uniformed security force. These personnel are on board to make sure everyone enjoys a safe and happy "Fun Ship" cruise vacation.

Carnival Cruise Lines is operating at heightened security levels throughout its fleet and is working closely with law enforcement and federal agencies to ensure the safety of our ships and ports. While we are not permitted to discuss specific elements of our security program so as not to undermine those efforts, we can assure our guests and travel partners that we are at a heightened security status and safety of our guests and crew is of paramount importance.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, all cruise ship lines, cruise vessels, and cruise terminals are in a heightened state of alert. The primary responsibility for the safety and security of cruise vessels in the United States territorial waters lies with the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has initiated a directive for all cruise vessel operations to be at the highest security level. At this level additional measures are taken to ensure the safety of crew and passengers. These measures include:

- Enforcing a 300 foot separation zone from all cruise vessels while in port and in route into and out of port

- Escorting all cruise vessels into and out of port

- All terminal and vessel restricted areas must have increased guards and/or intrusion alarm devices

- All baggage, cargo, and stores are screened to include x-ray screening prior to going on board

- All passengers and carry on items are screened prior to boarding

- All passengers are confirmed against the official passenger list before being allowed to board

- All baggage is confirmed against the official passenger list before being allowed to board

- Other measures include a definitive security review of the terminal prior to allowing a vessel to come into port

Additionally, Carnival has instituted additional measures. Background checks for all crew members have been conducted. The guest manifest is checked against INS and FBI computers and matched for suspects with. We conduct pre and post cruise bomb searches.


- All provisions are inspected for explosives.

- All crew are patted down.

- All guests go through metal detection at every port of call.

- All port of call items brought on the vessel are x-rayed.

- All ships have a passenger visual ID system.

- Carnival sends divers to check the hull at every port (twice).

- Enhanced security at every outport.

There are a number of other initiatives underway which are inappropriate to be disclosed.


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